About SuperExerciseBand: The Super Exercise Band Story

5 years ago I was traveling quit a bit for work, so I always kept a flat resistance band tucked in my bag for a no excuses quick full body workout in my hotel room. The only problem was that the standard 4 feet long bands were too short and they only lasted about 5 road trips. After trying several well-known brands, the result was always the same, they’re too short and they don’t last. It was frustrating. That’s how the idea for Super Exercise Band 7 ft. long exercise bands was born, 4 years ago now.
So, we went in search of the best material we could find to make the ideal flat resistance band. After completing extensive material testing from manufacturers in the US and all over the globe, we decided on latex free TPE band material for our new product line. Latex free bands out lasted latex bands, had no nasty rubber smell, offered a smooth, clean, chalk free surface and are allergy free unlike latex based materials.
Let’s make some bands. The big question was what size to make the ideal band. Fortunately, my next door neighbor owned a Pilates studio. I gave her a bunch of bands cut to different lengths so she could have her customers test them. They all preferred the 7 feet long bands but would be possible to make them wider too? The 4 inch width we were using had a tendency to roll up on the width when it was stretched. We cut a new test batch of bands to 7 feet long by 6 inches wide for another test round. The feedback from her Pilates group was excellent with the extra 2 inches in width there was no rolling of the band. We started production on 4 bands of varied strength and colors with the new dimensions.
Next we took a look at product packaging options. How about a cheap throw away plastic bag like most other brands offer? No way! We are looking for something compact, sturdy, protective, eye catching, reusable and recycled if possible. That’s a tall order when you’re trying to keep the product reasonably priced, right? Our black zip-lock Mylar pouch is not only visually appealing but it is also made from sturdy recycled material. The small pouch with matching carabiner can be clipped onto a gym bag or stashed in a purse, so it’s very portable too.
What about service after the sale? We have always been available via email. We find most customers prefer this less intrusive form of communication. Our average email response time is under 24 hours. We are proud of and work hard to maintain our 5 star seller & product ratings on Amazon.com. Great customer service doesn’t cost, it pays!
Ok, if you are looking for low impact, portable fitness tools, we have them. As of this writing, our resistance product line has expanded from the original four 7 ft. single resistance bands to 8 single resistance band products, resistance band accessories and 3 resistance band sets. Last month we added a Balance Ball set to our product offerings. The set comes with hand pump, 2 resistance bands, travel bag and 65mm balance ball. Balance ball set is compact enough to slide into a small overnight bag just like the resistand band kits.
What are we all about? We make simple yet elegant tools to help you keep your personal commitment to fitness anytime, anywhere. In the nutshell, we believe that self-care is the new healthcare…just 15 minutes a day is all it takes.