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Wake up call to all procrastinators!

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How many times have you set your alarm to wake up and go to the gym in the morning? And out of those times, how many times have you hit the snooze button? I think that this happens quite often, if not regularly, in all of our lives. We do not want any restrictions on our diet but at the same time, we do not exercise regularly.


This attitude of “I will do it tomorrow” is a major setback and needs to be corrected immediately. After all, fitness is not a routine; it’s a lifestyle. If you don’t expect yourself to be able to spare one hour today and wake up early for your fitness goals, how do you expect that you are going to be able to do it tomorrow?

Instead of going to the gym, you can work out from home! Try our resistance bands a replacement for the gym! Shrug off that procrastinating attitude and try your resistance band TODAY!


When your workout intensity goes up…..your jeans size goes down!

Girl lying on exercise mat and stretching legs with elastic band

Whether you’re blasting through Body Weight Boot Camp, Flat-Belly Fix, or 15-Minute Fat Blaster, you’ll get your heart rate pumping, burn fat and calories!

Working out at a high intensity has also been shown to unleash a flood of hormones, including epinephrine, which helps your body burn calories even when you’re not working out! Bottom line? The harder you go, the faster the results!

Working hard in your workouts pays off. In no time at all, you’ll be amazed at how sleek, strong, and sexy your legs feel … tight, toned, and taut your butt looks … defined and sculpted your arms and shoulders become.

Get the best tools to help you succeed at getting a healthy and shapely body.


Self-care is the new healthcare

shutterstock_256121221Here we are in April already and before you know it the year will be half over.

What a wake up call…

At Super Exercise Band we believe that “Self-care is the new healthcare.” You might already be healthy and well, but we know that you know somebody who isn’t…

Help them recommit to fitness, health and wellness. Or make the commitment again yourself. Renew your vow to eat clean, work hard, stay physically active and be the best you can be!

If you are looking for a simple fitness solution, why not try an resistance band? And while you’re at it, get one for a friend and have fun getting, being and staying fit together.

Start today….it’s never too late.