Self-care is the new healthcare

shutterstock_256121221Here we are in April already and before you know it the year will be half over.

What a wake up call…

At Super Exercise Band we believe that “Self-care is the new healthcare.” You might already be healthy and well, but we know that you know somebody who isn’t…

Help them recommit to fitness, health and wellness. Or make the commitment again yourself. Renew your vow to eat clean, work hard, stay physically active and be the best you can be!

If you are looking for a simple fitness solution, why not try an resistance band? And while you’re at it, get one for a friend and have fun getting, being and staying fit together.

Start today….it’s never too late.

Sorry, the dryer didn’t shrink your jeans really!

Depositphotos_23853283_mBlame couch-itis…what happens when you spend long winter months sitting on the couch because it’s just too cold to venture out to the gym. But the arrival of spring (soon) this means a fresh start for you and help with fitting into your favorite jeans again.

Time to get out the sneakers and get started. We’ve got you covered with the most complete line of simple, inexpensive fitness tools to give you a jump start on a fit body. We’ve also got plenty of workout ideas to go with our exercise toys too!

So get off the couch and get back into your favorite jeans starting today.

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Be more productive at your workplace!

Do you spend a lot of time in the office just waiting for your turn at the copy machine or even at the coffee machine? Are you the new intern who has to run around fetching coffee for others at the “coffee break” thus wasting a lot of time which could have been otherwise productive?

Attractive woman sitting at desk in office, working with laptop

Try these simple and effective exercises which will help tone your legs and make use of that time wasted.

As these are mostly leg exercises, you need a support for balance. If you are at the copy machine, it will work perfect. Holding on to it, lift one leg, keeping it completely straight. Lower and repeat. Then, bend your right knee and swing your leg forward. Repeat.

For your hamstrings and calves, this exercise will work well. You need to stand up keeping one of your legs straight and then try to kick your thigh with the heel of the other leg. Repeat.


Resistance band exercises ( also work great in the workplace.

Make heads turn this year, gear up for a fitness!

anchorgreen2Want more variety in your resistance band workout? Here’s how….expand your workout routine with a Heavy Duty Resistance Band Door Anchor. We’ve just added this incredible little tool to our store.

  • Our sturdy door anchor accessory is custom made for exercise band workouts. It adds over 200 additional resistance band exercises to your fitness routine. The door anchor is an essential tool for any home gym.
  • It’s easy to use with quick setup time. Just connect the door anchor accessory to your door and turn your home into a gym. It is small, portable and perfect for on-the-fly training. This versatile attachment increases your exercise options with your resistance band training tools.
  • The lightweight yet heavy-duty woven nylon strap fits securely in most doors. Insert the anchor, close and lock the door. You’re all set for your resistance band workout in no time at all.
  • Our Guarantee: Lifetime manufacturer unconditional money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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Core Exercises for resistance bands

Sporty figureWe have carefully selected some core exercises for resistance bands ( which will not only help you shed some extra fat but will also work wonders in defining those abs of yours.

Kneeling Crunch

In this exercise, the band has to be fixed at a height approximately equal to that of the top of a door. Kneel and grab the band at both ends. Then, spread your elbows so that they remain at the level of your shoulders and crunch down to your hip. Take care to contract your abs during this exercise for maximum impact. Repeat 10-12 times.


Anti-Rotation Walkouts

Your band should be attached to a support which is at a height approximately equal to that of your chest. Grab both ends again and while pulling on the band, squat down to an athletic position. Extend your arms to the front and constrict your abs. Begin stepping sideways till the band reaches its maximum point. Start again and repeat 6-9 times.

Second trimester resistance band exercises for fit mothers!

model_on_back_blue_bandDuring pregnancy, mothers should be extremely careful about the type of exercises that they opt in for at a workout.

For the second trimester, exercises which are done with weights help a lot in building up leg muscles, the glutes and the entire core of expectant mothers. Popular exercises include “Ballerina” and “Wide squat pull.”

Ballerina can be done with weights but for beginners and people with problems in the aforementioned areas, it should be done with resistance bands. This will help maintain a good form.

Squat and Pull exercise is pretty self-explanatory. Here, special notice should be taken to ensure that the elbows and wrists are secure. Larger back muscles will also help you complete this exercise properly.

In addition to free weights, Resistance bands ( ) are also a great way to ensure that mothers choose exercises according to their fitness levels.