Top 4 reasons to use resistance bands instead of free weights

When it comes to your health, you need to make sure that you are employing the best strategies possible to make your workout a complete success. Here are the top four reasons why resistance bands are a better alternative to free weights.


Aerobics pilates women group with esistance bands in a row at fitness gym



The risk to your health is considerably less:

As resistance bands are stretchable, they adapt to all workout positions, thereby inflicting less pressure on your joints and your spine.


Unlike free weights, bands can be used in any way possible, be it for shoulder exercises or knee rehabilitation exercises. They give you a certain freedom that free weights can never offer.


With resistance bands, you can work out when you want, ensuring that you never skip a workout again even while traveling!


You can buy good, durable resistance bands ( at half the cost of a well-sized barbell.

With bands, you don’t have to queue behind hundreds of other members at your gym. Get your own today!

Ideal Shoulder Exercises for Resistance Bands

Today, I am going to show you some shoulder exercises which work great with resistance bands. Get rid of those flabby arms easily!

Resistance Bands
Shoulder Exercises for Resistance Bands

1. Upright Rows

Position your feet on the centre of the band and stand with your arms holding both ends of the band in an upward fashion. Pull the band upwards with your elbows bent in the “V” position and then release slowly. Repeat 10-12 times.

2. Lateral Raise

Maintain the exact position of the above exercise but this time, your arms should stretch the band to your sides. Make sure to keep your arms completely straight and parallel to the floor. Repeat 8-10 times.

3. Bent-Over

This exercise targets the entire shoulder. Keep your feet on the centre of the band and sit down on an elevated surface. Grab the resistance band at the ends, with palms facing towards each other and cross it at your knees. Then, bend forward keeping your back straight at all times. Pull the band up through your arms till it reaches your shoulders. Then, slowly lower them down. Repeat.

Always choose your resistance band carefully! (

Home Gym Workout – Get Fit at Home!

Home Gym Workout

Physical therapists advise that you should consider fitness as a lifestyle instead of just a part of your routine. Fitness can be achieved by hard work, determination and effort not only limited to a prescribed amount of hours per day when you go to the gym, but also attempting to exercise at home. Even menial household chores can serve as a form of exercise if one takes the time to plan it out.

It really doesn’t require much effort to design a home gym workout routine. Even in the terms of exercise apparatus, it is quite cheap – dumbbells, resistance bands ( and push up bars are just some of the basic necessities.

The template for a home gym workout:

Your basic workout program should include a thorough warmup, aerobic exercises, resistance exercises to build your strength, flexibility stretches as well as a cool-down period for your body to recover. Follow this basic template and you shall be working out from your home in no time!

Ideal Chest Exercises for Resistance Bands

Resistance bands serve as an excellent add-on for just about any type of exercise routine. They are handy, portable and allow you to effectively workout at home. In this article, I shall elaborate on two ideal chest exercises for resistance bands. (can be found at Get those abs you always wanted!

senior woman doing chest exercises for resistance bands

Chest Exercises:
1. Crossover
Tie your band on a fixed surface, maybe on a pillar in your home or a heavy table. Be sure to check that it is safely tied and it can hold your weight. Stretch the band by stepping back. Your back should be towards the post with your palms facing forward and lift your arms to the side. Bring your arms to your chest, maintaining their straight posture. Repeat.

2. Push-Up
I’m sure most of you are familiar with this exercise. The hover position is ideal for this exercise. Wrap the band around the upper back of your body. Then, attach the resistance band through your thumbs by their ends and attain the starting position i.e. face the ground. Push your body up by applying force on the ground till complete extension of your arms. Then, go back to the initial position slowly. Repeat 5-20 times.

Tips to lose those extra pounds this 2016!

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the year 2016 set in. We just wanted to ask – How many of you are still sticking to your new year fitness resolution and have lost extra pounds? For those of you who are having a bit of trouble balancing your fitness schedule and your busy workloads, we have compiled a few tips to help you along:

Side view of a harmonous female body, measuring tape and apple in the hands, isolated

  • Amend your resolution to include really specific and distinct goals to help you focus on a target goal. For example, fix specific milestones for each day and check them off as you go. You can even reward yourself for days with huge accomplishments.
  • Select and download a good fitness app which are available widely on Android, iOS and other major operating systems which help you track and record steps walked, calories burned and will also monitor your sleep cycle.
  • Identify your weakness (a specific food item, diets and even laziness) and stay clear from them. (at least for a little while, anyway)


We hope that our tips helped and we wish you an amazing year ahead!

Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels – Home Workout

Have you tried multiple diet plans or gone through several new products and finally succumbed to internet searches on “how do I stay fit”? And, despite everything, is there still no perceptible change in your waistline?

If the above description fits you to a T, it’s time that you actually start taking action! Weight loss is possible, but it first needs the right setting, the right atmosphere and the right motivation. Exercising isn’t something that means going to the gym and spending tons of money in gym fees. No! It’s about setting goals for yourself and working towards them, even from the comfort of your own home.

Lady enjoying a home workout
Lady enjoying a home workout


You can also have a fun activity as a substitute for exercise. Say, you like to swim. You can increase the hours you devote to the sport and you will notice a difference. Alternatively, maybe you are a fan of rock climbing or tennis or even yoga!


As you can see, exercise doesn’t have to be boring. You just need to add your own twist to it. For us, we like to use resistance bands for really vigorous exercise routines (found at as they are comfortable and can be used in literally any activity that you choose to pursue.


Flat V.S. Tubular Resistance bands

Flat Resistance Bands or Tube Resistance Bands? Light, Medium, Heavy or extra-heavy levels of resistance for your band?

Pretty woman exercises with stretch band around her feet


With so many variants in the fitness marketplace, it can be a challenging task to find the one which suits you the best. In this article, we elaborate on our recommendations.

Flat as well as Tubular bands are both portable and lightweight. Exercises such as squats, leg extensions, pullovers, push-ups and so on are best performed with flat exercise bands as they remain fixed because of their flat design. Tubular Bands tend to roll which increases the potential risk to the wearer. Sometimes sudden jerks are also felt while using tubular designed bands when the wearer goes beyond the determined stretch limit of the band.

Resistance bands which are 7 feet long, are flat in design, and latex free (if you are allergic) are ideal for fitness conscious individuals.

We have carefully chosen such bands at, with most of them throwing in free accessories and offering all types of resistance levels from which you can select the perfect one for you based on your expertise.

Exercise has so many benefits! 12 Great Reasons to Exercise.

Exercise has so many benefits….12 Great Reasons to Exercise:

Less Arthritis Pain

If you have arthritis, regular exercise can help ease your pain. And it can make your daily activities easier. Try non-impact exercises like swimming. They can be easy on sore joints.

Lower Risk of Cancer

Regular exercise can cut your risk of some cancers, including colon, breast, and lung. And people who have cancer have better quality of life when they exercise.

Healthy Heart

It’s no secret that exercise is great for your heart. Regular workouts lower your risk of heart disease, improve your blood cholesterol levels, and help control and even prevent high blood pressure.

Strong Bones and Muscles

Your bones and muscles get stronger when you work out. It’s especially important to do weight-bearing exercise, such as weight-lifting, tennis, walking, and dancing. This can help build bones as you get older. And it can help ward off osteoporosis and protect your balance and coordination.

Long Life

Regular exercise can add years to your life. And that counts even if you’re not a hard-core fitness buff. Just get moving. Even a little exercise can help you live longer than not exercising at all. The American Heart Association says each hour of exercise adds 2 hours to your life.

Weight Control

Exercise and diet work together to keep your weight healthy. Whether you want to lose some inches around the waist or just avoid putting on extra pounds, exercise is the key. Try to work out 30 minutes most days of the week.

More Productive

Want to be more efficient at work? Take a break and get some exercise. In one study, people who got moving in the middle of the day were much more productive when they went back to work. They also were happier and got along better with their co-workers.

Less Stress

Exercise calms your body and your brain. When your body works hard, the levels of stress hormones — like adrenaline and cortisol — drop. Stress and anxiety fade away, especially after aerobic exercise.

More Confidence

You just walked a mile or ran your first 5K. Success like that can boost your self-esteem and make you ready to conquer anything. Exercise makes you feel good about yourself.

Good Night’s Sleep

Get regular exercise to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. The harder you exercise, the more likely you are to have a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t matter when you exercise, as long as you don’t have trouble sleeping. If you do have problems, though, work out earlier in the day.

More Energy

You might not expect it, but using energy to exercise gives you more get-up-and-go. Sometimes when you’re tired, the last thing you want to do is move. But when you exercise regularly, that fatigue goes away and you find yourself with a lot more pep.

Better Mood

Are you feeling cranky? Get moving. Exercise makes you feel happier. When you work out, your body makes endorphins — “feel-good” chemicals in the brain. You can actually start to feel better within a few minutes of moving. But the effects of regular exercise can last for a long time.

By Chris Flora
May 4, 2015

Perfect Workout Resistance Band Tool for Travel (or anywhere really)

As a frequent traveler, I dread tracking down unfamiliar gyms.

As an alternative, I was thrilled to run across this product. Everything you need to get a quality workout in the privacy of your own hotel room (or at home, for that matter) is packaged together in a handy, sturdy pouch. I have purchased many exercise bands, and the quality of these bands along with the 6 Foot length (I’m tall) and different resistances, make this portable gym more than worth the price for the bands alone. The jump rope/door hanger is so effective I wonder why I didn’t think of anchoring my bands that way before. I have already worked out a regular routine with this equipment – with the ease of portability, I have no excuses!

I’ve been able to maintain my regular exercise commitment at home, work and traveling…..I’ve dropped a pants size since adding the Super Exercise Portable gym to my exercise tools arsenal.

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