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BD5 Pink Heavy+ Strength


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Super Exercise Band® Fuchsia Pink Heavy + Strength 7 Ft. Latex Free Resistance Band With Travel Pouch & Workout E-book©.

“Our Pink HEAVY + strength LATEX FREE resistance band is 7 foot long x 6 inches wide. It provides 11 – 14 lbs. of resistance (refer to the ‘Band Strength Comparison chart’ in the accompanying gallery), a good tension workout for physically active people needing a challenge. This band promotes increased strength, endurance and muscle toning. Yes, SIZE DOES MATTER for strength, durability, versatility and range of extension. You will have plenty of exercise band to take a couple wraps around your hands for more tension. The stretch bands can also be tied with a knot to create a loop band.

The exercise band ships in a sleek yet sturdy black resealable zip pouch with matching carabiner to make it easy to keep the band supple, clean and ready to go with you.

We offer premium non-latex home gym fitness equipment for physical therapy, Pilates, stretching, yoga, and strength training workouts. Finally you can have a convenient, versatile exercise tool to use on your schedule, anytime–anywhere. The band comes with an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee. So order now! While you’re at it, get one for a friend & make exercise fun together.

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