Resistance Bands Will Make You Reconsider Whether You Even Need Weights

Resistance Bands Will Make You Reconsider Whether You Even Need Weights

The benefits of resistance bands will make you want to get a set as soon as possible. They are cheap and can help you make big gains while preventing injuries.

Adding resistance bands to your workout routine is a great way to try out muscle-busting moves without feeling too scared before moving on to dumbbells or the barbell.

But if the benefits of resistance bands teach us anything, it's that this simple piece of equipment shouldn't just be used by people who are just starting to work out. In fact, they should be in the closet of even the most experienced athlete. Here's what trainers want you to know about this exercise tool that you might not think about much.

There are a lot of reasons to buy rehab stretch bands online for your workout routine, ranging from how easy they are to how useful they are.

They’re super affordable and easy to transport.

If you're stocking your home gym and can't decide whether to buy a rack of dumbbells or a set of resistance bands, do yourself, your closet space, and your wallet a favor and skip the free weights — at least for now.

They help stretch and warm up your muscles before a tough workout.

If you are as flexible as a wooden board, resistance bands will be your best friend when it comes to stretching. If your hamstring is really tight, you can better stretch it out by putting a band around your foot instead of trying to grab your heel with your hand and failing.

They test your muscles throughout an entire exercise.

Even though you buy stretch band online are less expensive than free weights, that doesn't mean they are easier to use. In fact, one of the best things about resistance bands is that they make your muscles stronger by making them work harder for longer.

They're great for functional fitness training.

One of the best things about resistance bands is that you can push and pull them in almost any way you want. This is different from gym machines, which only let you move in one plane of motion. As you use them, your motor skills and coordination will improve.

But resistance bands are also good for functional training in other ways: Bands have more resistance levels than dumbbells, so you can do a wider range of exercises with them. Since free weights depend on gravity, they can only provide resistance in the direction of gravity, which is up and down. Bands don't get their resistance from gravity like free weights do.

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