As a frequent traveler, I dread tracking down unfamiliar gyms. As an alternative, I was thrilled to run across this product. Everything you need to get a quality workout in the privacy of your own hotel room (or at home, for that matter) is packaged together in a handy, sturdy pouch. I have purchased many exercise bands, and the quality of these bands along with the 6 Foot length (I’m tall) and different resistances, make this portable gym more than worth the price for the bands alone. The jump rope/door hanger is so effective I wonder why I didn't think of anchoring my bands that way before. I have already worked out a regular routine with this equipment - with the ease of portability, I have no excuses! I've been able to maintain my regular exercise commitment at home, work and traveling.....I've dropped a pants size since adding the Super Exercise Portable gym to my exercise tools arsenal. Thanks portable gym!
Sun Lover, Phoenix, AZ
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