Flat Resistance Bands or Tube Resistance Bands? Light, Medium, Heavy or extra-heavy levels of resistance for your band?

Pretty woman exercises with stretch band around her feet  

With so many variants in the fitness marketplace, it can be a challenging task to find the one which suits you the best. In this article, we elaborate on our recommendations.

Flat as well as Tubular bands are both portable and lightweight. Exercises such as squats, leg extensions, pullovers, push-ups and so on are best performed with flat exercise bands as they remain fixed because of their flat design. Tubular Bands tend to roll which increases the potential risk to the wearer. Sometimes sudden jerks are also felt while using tubular designed bands when the wearer goes beyond the determined stretch limit of the band.

Resistance bands which are 7 feet long, are flat in design, and latex free (if you are allergic) are ideal for fitness conscious individuals.

We have carefully chosen such bands at http://SuperExerciseBand.com, with most of them throwing in free accessories and offering all types of resistance levels from which you can select the perfect one for you based on your expertise.

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