Resistance bands serve as an excellent add-on for just about any type of exercise routine. They are handy, portable and allow you to effectively workout at home. In this article, I shall elaborate on two ideal chest exercises for resistance bands. (can be found at Get those abs you always wanted! [caption id="attachment_496" align="aligncenter" width="300"]senior woman doing chest exercises for resistance bands senior woman doing exercises with a resistance band[/caption] Chest Exercises: 1. Crossover Tie your band on a fixed surface, maybe on a pillar in your home or a heavy table. Be sure to check that it is safely tied and it can hold your weight. Stretch the band by stepping back. Your back should be towards the post with your palms facing forward and lift your arms to the side. Bring your arms to your chest, maintaining their straight posture. Repeat. 2. Push-Up I’m sure most of you are familiar with this exercise. The hover position is ideal for this exercise. Wrap the band around the upper back of your body. Then, attach the resistance band through your thumbs by their ends and attain the starting position i.e. face the ground. Push your body up by applying force on the ground till complete extension of your arms. Then, go back to the initial position slowly. Repeat 5-20 times.
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