anchorgreen2Want more variety in your resistance band workout? Here’s how….expand your workout routine with a Heavy Duty Resistance Band Door Anchor. We’ve just added this incredible little tool to our store.
  • Our sturdy door anchor accessory is custom made for exercise band workouts. It adds over 200 additional resistance band exercises to your fitness routine. The door anchor is an essential tool for any home gym.
  • It's easy to use with quick setup time. Just connect the door anchor accessory to your door and turn your home into a gym. It is small, portable and perfect for on-the-fly training. This versatile attachment increases your exercise options with your resistance band training tools.
  • The lightweight yet heavy-duty woven nylon strap fits securely in most doors. Insert the anchor, close and lock the door. You're all set for your resistance band workout in no time at all.
  • Our Guarantee: Lifetime manufacturer unconditional money back guarantee. No questions asked.
Make your door and resistance band into a gym today. Buy Door Anchor on Amazon
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