tape measureI am a 39 year-old who has been battling my weight for years. It's mostly in my diet, and I know this. When I have been successful, it was when I was diligently counting calories and getting exercise. I don't mind exercising and in fact in the past year I trained for and completed two half marathons. But apparently it's true, you can't exercise out a bad diet and exercising once every two weeks for 15 minutes doesn't count either. I saw this simple motivational quote yesterday and it really hit me... NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES... It kind of gave me a kick in the butt that no, I'm not going to magically drop weight if I keep reaching for those cookies and ice cream every day and I continue to lead a sedentary lifestyle. So here's to making changes and trying to get this weight off by the end of the year - 40 lbs is my ultimate goal! that's only 4 lbs. a month...Are you with me? Simple tools for a healthy body here.
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