Do you spend a lot of time in the office just waiting for your turn at the copy machine or even at the coffee machine? Are you the new intern who has to run around fetching coffee for others at the “coffee break” thus wasting a lot of time which could have been otherwise productive?

Attractive woman sitting at desk in office, working with laptop

Try these simple and effective exercises which will help tone your legs and make use of that time wasted. As these are mostly leg exercises, you need a support for balance. If you are at the copy machine, it will work perfect. Holding on to it, lift one leg, keeping it completely straight. Lower and repeat. Then, bend your right knee and swing your leg forward. Repeat. For your hamstrings and calves, this exercise will work well. You need to stand up keeping one of your legs straight and then try to kick your thigh with the heel of the other leg. Repeat.   Resistance band exercises ( also work great in the workplace.
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