Sporty figureWe have carefully selected some core exercises for resistance bands ( which will not only help you shed some extra fat but will also work wonders in defining those abs of yours.

Kneeling Crunch

In this exercise, the band has to be fixed at a height approximately equal to that of the top of a door. Kneel and grab the band at both ends. Then, spread your elbows so that they remain at the level of your shoulders and crunch down to your hip. Take care to contract your abs during this exercise for maximum impact. Repeat 10-12 times.  

Anti-Rotation Walkouts

Your band should be attached to a support which is at a height approximately equal to that of your chest. Grab both ends again and while pulling on the band, squat down to an athletic position. Extend your arms to the front and constrict your abs. Begin stepping sideways till the band reaches its maximum point. Start again and repeat 6-9 times.
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