Start your workday with some basic exercises to refresh your mind and body and prepare for the challenges of the entire office day. [caption id="attachment_584" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Beautiful young business woman at lunch break in office Beautiful young business woman at lunch break in office[/caption] The “Stretch” As the name suggests, stretch your entire body starting with your neck. Then, tilt your head to your shoulder for about ten seconds and repeat for the other side. The “Roll” Next, we concentrate on your shoulders. Roll them forward and backward alternatively in circular motions for about 10 times. This will loosen them up. The “Wrist Stretch (Computers)” Working at the computer is absolutely necessary in a standard workday. To prepare your wrists, stretch your arm and pull down on your fingers through your other hand for about three seconds and then up for another three seconds. Repeat. The “Leg Stretch” Finally, we include the leg stretch which basically includes standing on one tor and flexing your ankle with toes up and then extending them again with toes down. Then, draw circles with toes with a foot in the clockwise direction and the other anti-clockwise.   You are now ready to face the workday!
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