Home Gym Workout

Physical therapists advise that you should consider fitness as a lifestyle instead of just a part of your routine. Fitness can be achieved by hard work, determination and effort not only limited to a prescribed amount of hours per day when you go to the gym, but also attempting to exercise at home. Even menial household chores can serve as a form of exercise if one takes the time to plan it out.

It really doesn’t require much effort to design a home gym workout routine. Even in the terms of exercise apparatus, it is quite cheap – dumbbells, resistance bands (http://SuperExerciseBand.com) and push up bars are just some of the basic necessities.

The template for a home gym workout:

Your basic workout program should include a thorough warmup, aerobic exercises, resistance exercises to build your strength, flexibility stretches as well as a cool-down period for your body to recover. Follow this basic template and you shall be working out from your home in no time!

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