In the last post, we talked about why resistance training is a must for seniors and how it helps improve their lifestyle. Now, let’s look at two of the ideal resistance exercises for seniors that focus on their safety and mobility. Physiotherapy: Senior man and physiotherapist

Knee Extension Exercises

Do you have a problem climbing up the stairs and need to stop every five minutes just to catch your breath? Knee Extension exercises can work wonders in improving your joint mobility. This is done in a sitting position, using the resistance band to strengthen the hamstrings of your upper legs.  

Bicep Curls Without the Weights

Weights generally cause major discomfort to arms and wrists, especially at old age. Resistance bands, however, make this exercise much easier. Position your feet on the centre of the band and extend both ends of the band through your arm. Then, slowly bend one arm at the elbow, ensuring that your wrist is straight and move your hand to your shoulder. Unbend and repeat.
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