When it comes to your health, you need to make sure that you are employing the best strategies possible to make your workout a complete success. Here are the top four reasons why resistance bands are a better alternative to free weights.   Aerobics pilates women group with esistance bands in a row at fitness gym    
The risk to your health is considerably less:
As resistance bands are stretchable, they adapt to all workout positions, thereby inflicting less pressure on your joints and your spine.
Unlike free weights, bands can be used in any way possible, be it for shoulder exercises or knee rehabilitation exercises. They give you a certain freedom that free weights can never offer.
With resistance bands, you can work out when you want, ensuring that you never skip a workout again even while traveling!
You can buy good, durable resistance bands (http://SuperExerciseBand.com) at half the cost of a well-sized barbell. With bands, you don’t have to queue behind hundreds of other members at your gym. Get your own today!
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