Super Exercise Band Orange Light+ Band Material in 8 Yard (25 ft.) Latex Free. Bulk Roll. Home Gym Training, Pilates, Stretching & Yoga Workouts.

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  • ORANGE LIGHT+ STRENGTH SELECTED --- Our Light+ Strength Orange band (4-7 lbs. tension) offers a light tension workout for resistance band beginners and those needing physical therapy. Not sure which strength of band to buy? The strength rating in lbs. for all 10 bands we offer is listed down below Special Offers and Promotions. Looking for band handles, heavy duty door anchor or loop bands? To see our exercise band products, click on SUPER EXERCISE BAND link up top under the title.
  • DO IT YOURSELF LATEX FREE BANDS --- Each bulk roll is 25 ft. (8 yards) long by 6 inches wide so you can custom cut your resistance bands to the length you desire. When you purchase 50 ft. (16 yards) lot of bulk non latex band material you will receive 2 ROLLS of 25 ft. in length. Our professional grade TPE rolls are powder free, scent free and latex free without a sticky surface, so no latex allergies or that strong rubber odor like latex bands.
  • CHOOSE THE STRENGTH YOU WANT --- We make our rolls in 10 different thicknesses of latex free resistance band material ranging from extra light, light, medium, heavy, X heavy and XXX heavy. See our 10 color specific strength ratings below in the description area to choose the right material for your needs. Expect great quality and customer service as product assembly, inspection and customer care is done in the USA by our staff.
  • 30 PAGE RESISTANCE BAND E-BOOK INCLUDED --- Our stretchy band workout E-Book is emailed after your roll has been delivered. We also have exercise videos on the SuperExerciseBand website and YOUTUBE to help you get started using your non-latex band to tone, strengthen or rehab your hips, back, core, legs, booty, shoulders or arms. Makes an ideal gift for the traveler, fitness, ballet, Pilates, rehab or yoga fan in your life.