Mini Loop Bands 14” x 3” Long LIGHT Strength and Green Flat Band Set. Latex Free Resistance Bands.

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  • LIGHT STRENGTH SET SELECTED --- Our LIGHT STRENGTH band collection includes 4 long 14” loop bands in light, light+, medium, and heavy strengths plus 1 straight 7” long light strength green flat resistance band. For individual band strength and thickness ratings scroll down to the description at the bottom of this page. Expect great quality and customer service as all product assembly, inspection and customer care is done in the USA by our staff.
  • 14” x 3” EXTRA LARGE LOOP BANDS --- We made our loop bands extra long and wide at 14” x 3” (instead of the standard 10” x 2” variety). Then we paired the 4 mini loops up with 1 of our premium 7 ft. flat resistance bands to help put more flexibility and variety in your workout routines. All bands are powder free, scent free and latex free without a sticky surface.
  • ARRIVES IN STYLE --- Each band collection is neatly tucked into a stylish black 6” x 8” padded neoprene zipper pouch with matching carabiner. So clip it on your gym bag or yoga mat. Ideal gift for fitness, ballet, dance, P90x, Insanity, Crossfit, Beach Body, Yoga, Pilates and rehabilitative workouts.
  • RESISTANCE BAND E-BOOK© INCLUDED --- A 17 page stretch band workout E-book is emailed after your product arrives. We also have several Exercise Videos on the SuperExerciseBand® website and on YOUTUBE to help you get started using your bands.
  • LOOKING FOR ACCESSORIES --- Want to add a pair of band handles or a door anchor? We have them. 

1 Green Light 14” Loop Band - .45mm thick (9 – 15 lbs. resistance)
1 Orange Light+ 14” Loop Band - .50mm thick (10 – 16 lbs. resistance)
1 Sky Blue Medium+ 14” Loop Band - .60mm thick (12 – 19 lbs. resistance)
1 Pink Heavy 14” Loop Band - .70mm thick (13 – 20 lbs. resistance)
1 Green Light 7 ft. Flat Band - .30mm (3 – 6 lbs. resistance) 

    All Band Sets ship in a neoprene zipper pouch. We offer an unconditional manufacturer guarantee.