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Download the Full-body Tabata Cardio Workout  Here

Now, click the two links below and watch the two videos to see how you can get an amazing full-body workout quickly, no matter where you are! 

Here is the 12-Minute Total Body Resistance Workout Video, and the Total-Body Workout Anytime Anywhere Video. 


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Follow the links below to create your personal Super Exercise Bands workout routine and fitness goals:

The Super Exercise Band Portable Gym 12- Minute Fat Burner Circuit:  This one will get the whole body working for maximum fat burn! 

Watch our guided 12 minute total workout video Click Here

OR If you just want a quick explanation and demo, watch the 2 minute demo video Here

OR Download the workout notes 



The Super Exercise Band 15-Minute Desk Warrior Workout 

The easiest, most effective workout you can do at the Office!

Download the desk warrior workout notes Here



The Super Exercise Band Road Warrior Anytime Anywhere Workout Circuit 

Always on the run? Watch our traveler total body workout video: Click Here

Or download the ebook HERE


5 Minute Stress Relievers and Fitness Booster Ideas For the Office or Even Between TV shows. Keep Your Body Active and Your Mind Sharp!

Download the Stress Reliever notes Here


Loop Band Workout and Fitness Booster Ideas For the Office or Even Between TV shows. Keep Your Body Active and Your Mind Sharp!

Download the Loop Band notes Here


Resistance Band Workout Ebook

Download the Resistance Band Workout notes Here



Using a Door Anchor

Download the Using a Door Anchor notes Here