Super Exercise Band Amazon Reviews My New Go To Piece Of Exercise Equipment!!!


  I have 3 compression fractures in my back so I must exercise and stretch several times a day. Some days I just don't feel like going to the gym so I'm always looking for other options. When I was given the opportunity to receive this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review I could hardly wait to get it. The band is a great length at 7 feet making it easy to use for many exercises. I was a little concerned that it might be hard to grip but it isn't. Very easy to hold with a comfortable smooth feel. I immediately tried some simple stretches that my physical therapist had shown me. They felt wonderful giving me a great stretch. Just that extra pull that the band gave me compared to stretching without any resistance was amazing and felt so good. I then tried a few exercises that would be considered more toning and I could feel that I was really working the muscles. Their website has a lot of very valuable information including video exercise routines of various difficulty so there is something for everyone. I was surprised and impressed with all the exercises I could do with this one small piece of equipment. I have to travel 3 out of the next 4 weeks and this resistance band will be the first item I put in my suitcase.     I love this 7 ft. exercise band


Wow...I love this band. It so long that I can make up my own exercises with it. I have used bands, but they are limiting. This band will do it all. You can take it anywhere, so there's never an excuse not to get a little exercise..and a little goes a long way. When you use resistance, it automatically makes anything you are doing, better. I have always done many forms of exercise, but have always found bands to be my go-to because they are so compact and easy to use. You can use it in so many different ways that you won't get bored and I promise that if you use it just a few minutes every day, you will see a difference...and that will make you want to use it more. I use it when I am watching tv ...even sometimes when I am laying in bed. I have always gotten more results from using bands, than any other form of exercise. It just works for me. I really like the tension in this one and if I want more resistance, I double it over. The 7 foot length is the most awesome part...that gives you plenty of extra band to wrap securely around your hands, and others don't have that luxury. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to add some daily exercise in and make it count.

Very Satisfied! by Donnie N. Pacheco 5star

I recently had to have shoulder surgery. My PT recommended that I get stretch bands for rehabilitation. I needed a set that had multiple levels for my rehab routine and that were long enough for me, I'm 6'3". I decided to try Super Exercise Bands stretch bands, as the company offered 7 foot long bands and from the reviews, good customer service. One nice thing about the extra length is that I can double the band over and get more tension and still have enough length to work with. I use the handles sometimes too, much easier to grip, some days I need them more than others. So far, I am glad I bought this set! I've only used the red and green bands so far, not the blue one. I use the door anchor sometimes too….I can make the rope whatever length I want to slide over the door. The bands have held up with continuous use as even my roommate uses them sometimes.

Perfect Workout on the Road by Sun Lover 5star

As a frequent traveler, I dread tracking down unfamiliar gyms. As an alternative, I was thrilled to run across this product. Everything you need to get a quality workout in the privacy of your own hotel room (or at home, for that matter) is packaged together in a handy, sturdy pouch. I have purchased many exercise bands, and the quality of these bands along with the extra long length and different resistances, make this portable gym more than worth the price for the bands alone. The jump rope/door hanger is so effective I wonder why I didn't think of anchoring my bands that way before. I have already worked out a regular routine with this equipment - with the ease of portability, I have no excuses!

Excellent Buy by Amazon Customer 5star

This gym is a super value compared to other items that I have purchased. the long bands are perfect for my exercise needs. the bands can be used anywhere. I work long hrs and don't always have time to get to the gym. this is perfect for taking a quick exercise break. they bands can be used with or without handles and that makes it even easier. switching bands is very easy. gym is portable and can be used when I travel or working. Jump rope is a nice addition to the workout.

Great product by Dorothy M. Guess 5star

I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of this set. I’ve bought the cheaper bands before but they were either to short, sticky or had some sort of powder on them. So these bands are good quality, plenty long and clean, worth the extra money. Like the jump rope, mostly use it as a band anchor though. I’ve got it set with a couple knots in the end to go behind the hall closet door, works out good for pull downs. Pouch is flat and slips into my backpack. Glad I bought it.

7 feet in length!!! by Jennifer 5star

I am so happy with my purchase!!! These have been the best exercise bands I have used!!! Even better then the ones at my physical therapy class. The bands are 7 foot in length, much longer then all the other bands I own. The quality of the handles are very comfortable! Each band is clearly marked with it's resistance level. The best part is it all fits right back into the compact pouch. This kit includes instructions on how to care for your bands and a link to their website for workout ideas. I received these at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. I absolutely love it! It really is made of high quality materials and worth much more then the asking price.

Great Product, great value and something that you will definitely put to use. by Jeff Greene 5star

The delivery was very fast and the product was well packaged and in excellent shape upon arrival. I was very surprised when I unpacked the 7" x 9" x 1" carry case to find 3 sets of 7 foot bands, exercise handles and a jump rope that doubles as a band anchor. One thing I noticed was the absence of the fine white powdery finish on the latex bands that I've seen on many of other band exercisers I've used. The bands are extremely light weight yet sturdy and easy to manipulate and the 7 foot length allows me to customize the exercises to fit my personal preferences and environment. The on-line instructions are easy to follow, clearly articulated and creative. I appreciate the convenience being able to use these at home, (whether I'm in one spot or moving about the house), or taking them with me when I travel. This system is well thought out, engineered and manufactured and is most definitely a great value.

Much better than the loop band I bought last year by Jackson Billesbach 5star

Much better than the loop bands I bought last year. I can make a loop whatever size I want and still use them the flat band way too. And the bands are plenty wide so they don't roll up like the loop bands do.

Very happy with the results and the quality of the bands is remarkable, a very strong set! 5 STAR PRODUCT! by holly piper 5star

I am so happy that I have gotten this Exercise Bands Portable Gym. The bands are extraordinary and are super portable. Its a large set and well worth the cost, since you get 7 pieces total that includes the 3 different level exercise bands, a 2 piece set of resistance band handles, a bonus Champion Jump Rope, and a Black Neoprene Zipper Pouch to hold all of your portable gym in. The bands are quite strong and are really simple to use. I love how there are 3 different stages. The first being the most intermediate and the first one I used. It was still strong enough to use for a bit until I needed to switch to the second. The second is the middle level and is the most useful to me at the moment until I reach my full potential and am able to use the final level band. Its easy to make the most out of my workout while at home, since I have these to use. I have no more use for the community gym and it has become unnecessary to go when I can succeed with burning calories and work my muscles with this great system. The bands are about 7 ft in length but with the jump rope I can make whatever size I prefer. The jump rope is what makes this gym so versatile and it also being a band anchor. All I need is to attach the rope to my door, loop a knot or two and I can change the bands length to whatever suits me. I also use the band anchor (jump rope) attached to a lot of other things. As long as whatever your using is sturdy and strong enough then yes, it can be used! The difference in a lot of other brands of these Exercise Bands is that these are much longer. I love the fact that I do not need to buy a whole other set in order for both my husband and myself to use, because these are so much more versatile and changeable in size. As well as the 3 different strengths, we could be using them together. Also, other brands do not have the band handles--- These are super handy and very convenient. I know that sometimes my hands start to sweat after the workout begins and sweat can be tricky when trying to manoeuvre and use unless you have the handles. The have a strong grip and makes it a lot more comfortable grasping the handles for your workout. The case that comes in this set is nicely made and is of great quality. Everything I need fits right in and zips up around it all. The best part? It fits right into my workout bag or into my purse for easy travels and amazing portability. There is never any excuse anymore as to why I can't workout when I have exactly what I need right with me at all times. Time is not an issue when using these either. I work out with them for about 20 minutes each day, for just a few days a week. Essentially no time at all. I feel my muscles being worked throughout the entire 20 minutes and can feel the calories burning. My core is getting stronger and my legs and thighs are definitely more toned, all from a short workout a few times a week. My body is becoming more and more strong as the workouts proceed and my stamina is improving to be longer. I can surely tell a lot of thought went into making this Exercise Band Portable Gym and the craftsmanship is remarkable as well as the quality of each and every piece included. My package came to my home very quickly and the customer service is great, all my questions were answered in a timely manner and I was very happy at the kindness. They truly do care about you getting the best product for your needs and they make sure of that with this gym. I can honestly say that I will continue to use this each workout and am thoroughly happy with the results so.

Wonderful workout that's lightweight and portable by Ella_AZ 5star

was looking for inexpensive exercise options...and this one is well worth it. Love that this kit includes different levels of resistance along with handles and a jump rope. Everything fits in the case included...keeping all the pieces of the set together and making it so easy to take with me anywhere without killing my back to move like my old case of "portable" personal free weights. Plus, it travels compactly without adding extra weight to my suitcase!.