5 Great Benefits of Resistance Bands

5 Great Benefits of Resistance Bands

If you’ve spent any time looking up fitness information, you’ve probably come across all sorts of supplements, training programs, and, more importantly, training accessories. One such accessory is the resistance band. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and easily catch the eye. But, what are they, what do they do?

 Today, we’ll go over five great benefits of having resistance bands.

  1. Train Anywhere, Anytime

One of the biggest benefits of resistance bands is that they offer incredible versatility. If you get yourself a couple of bands (e.g., resistance bands with handles and a long resistance band), you can train effectively no matter where you are. For extra effect, you can also get yourself a resistance band door anchor and have even more exercise options. So, if you’re interested in portable, versatile, and incredibly affordable pieces of fitness equipment, then exercise bands should be your first option.

  1. They Fit People On Many Fitness Levels

No matter what your fitness level is, what your current goals are, and what your fitness history is, you can take advantage of resistance bands because they offer an incredibly rich list of exercise options. Whether you’re a fitness newbie who is just getting started or you’re a seasoned gym-goer with years of experience, there will always be exercise options that will help you become fitter, stronger, more flexible, and more athletic.

  1. Resistance Bands Offer Great Alternatives to Proven Gym Exercises

One of the greatest benefits and the thing that makes resistance bands such a versatile piece of fitness equipment is the fact that you can perform many proven exercises with them. For example, rather than building an entire home gym with several machines, different barbells, and tons of weight plates and dumbbells, you can get yourself a set of resistance bands and do classic exercises like:

  • Bicep curls;
  • Tricep extensions;
  • Front squats;
  • Chest flyes;
  • Back rows;
  • Lateral and front shoulder raises;
  • Face pulls;

And much, much more.

  1. You Can Take Them With You On The Road

Staying consistent with your workouts on the road can be difficult. There isn’t always much free time; you never know when you might find a gym, and, if you’re on vacation, you’re not always in the mood to workout. The great thing about resistance bands is that you can have them with you on the road. They don’t weigh much and don’t take much space. But, they are incredibly versatile and provide us with the option to bang out a quick workout, no matter where we are or how much free time we have.

  1. Resistance Bands Are An Excellent Tool to Add Variety to Your Workouts

Let’s face it: Doing the same things over and over can become stale, and this is true for fitness, as well as life. One great (and often overlooked) benefit of resistance bands is that they offer variety. Rather than doing the same workouts and exercises for months at a time, you can switch things up, do some of your exercises with bands, and break up the monotony.

After all, we should have fun with fitness - that’s one crucial factor for longevity.

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