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Do Yoga? Use Yoga Bands to Build Your Core Strength

How To Use a Resistance Band in Yoga

Get stretchy and strong with a resistance band! Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, a yoga band can improve your yoga practice. There are hundreds of ways to use your resistance band to enhance your yoga workout. Keep reading for a few suggestions on how to use your Super Exercise Band resistance band.

How can I use resistance bands in my yoga practice?

There are many ways to incorporate a resistance band into your yoga practice. Different band weights can enhance your practice in different ways. Here are a few suggestions for using yoga bands of varying resistance.

Light yoga bands for stretching

Light resistance bands are great for stretching. They offer more flexibility and stretch than heavier bands. The resistance band provides extra support that helps you stretch deeper than you could without a band. There are countless ways to use a yoga band to enhance yoga stretches.

Light yoga band suggestion: A great place to start stretching with your lightweight yoga band is on your back. Place one foot in the band and straighten your leg. Use the tension of the band to pull your leg as close to your body as feels good.

Medium yoga bands for alignment

Medium resistance bands can help you find proper alignment. Alignment is achieved by engaging stabilizing muscles and lengthening your spine. A medium-weight yoga band is heavy enough to encourage activation of the right stabilizing muscles and light enough to allow for lengthening. 

Medium yoga band suggestion: Stand straight with your feet at hip-width distance apart. Simply hold one end of your medium resistance band in each hand. Gently pull your hands away from one another. This exercise will engage your back muscles that support your upper spine. Focus on engaging your core for optimal alignment in this exercise.

Heavy yoga bands for strength

Heavy resistance bands can be used for strength building in yoga. As you build strength, you can progress your practice to places you’ve never been. Many advanced yoga poses need not only great flexibility but great strength. A yoga band can help you target muscles you want to build.

Heavy yoga band suggestion: Wrap your heavy yoga band around your thighs just above your knees. Lift your knee to the side, aiming to get your knee in line with your hip. This movement will build strength in your outer butt and hip muscles. Strong glutes and hips allow you to go deeper in many standing yoga poses.

Why use a yoga band?

A yoga band is a great workout enhancer. Bringing one into your yoga practice can produce great results over time. Use your resistance band to stretch, align, and strengthen. Targeted yoga band use like the ones suggested above will help you to deepen your yoga practice. Super Exercise Bands are latex-free and could be the best new addition to your yoga prop collection.



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