Fantastic Benefits of Resistance Training

Fantastic Benefits of Resistance Training

Resistance training is quite incredible, and more people than ever are using it to elevate themselves physically and mentally.

To that end, we’ve decided to put together this post, outlining some of the amazing benefits you can expect to receive.

Without further ado, here are four fantastic benefits of resistance training.

It Builds Muscle Mass and Strength

The most apparent benefit of resistance training is that it builds our muscle and strength. And while these might seem like vain pursuits, they don’t necessarily have to be.

For example, having more muscle on your frame means that you’ll probably look better, sure. But it also means that your metabolic health is better, your metabolism is elevated, and you’re at a much lower risk of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

Physical strength is also incredibly beneficial for us, makes our everyday lives easier, and is tightly correlated with a higher quality of life, especially as we get older.

It’s A Fun And Highly Customizable Way to Stay Active

Enjoying your training is an underrated yet incredibly important part of consistency. While prevailing wisdom might suggest that we should suck it up and do the work, most people would struggle to stick with something for a long time if they don’t enjoy it.

Resistance training is fantastic in that regard because it allows us to customize our workouts in dozens of ways, depending on our goals, preferences, schedule, and more.

For example, if you prefer slow-paced workouts and primarily care about physical strength, you can use heavier weights for fewer repetitions and work on that skill. If you want overall strength and conditioning, you can go for circuit-style workouts. If you primarily care about building an impressive physique, you can go down the traditional bodybuilding style of training.

There is an option for everyone, and all you have to do is find what you enjoy most.

It Makes Your Life Easier And Slows Down Aging

While less so in recent years, physical strength still plays a role in our everyday lives. Whether we like it or not, we all need to exert ourselves physically from time to time – be it to move furniture, help out a friend with something, move to a new home, carry groceries, or something else.

Resistance training makes everything easier because we are stronger and with better work capacity.

What’s more, resistance training allows us to age much more gracefully and retain our quality of life well into our fifties, sixties, seventies, and beyond. Plus, being physically fit allows us to stay independent and, thanks to the numerous health benefits of regular exercise, we can avoid many illnesses and disabilities later in life.

You Can Do It Almost Anywhere, Even If You Don’t Have Access to a Gym

Prevailing wisdom suggests that we need access to a fully-stocked gym if we ever hope to have productive workouts. But, the truth is, our muscles understand tension. So, you have many options for stimulating them adequately.

For example, you can buy yourself a set of resistance bands and do many awesome exercises with them, including curls, extensions, pulldowns, rows, squats, and similar.

For example, you can get yourself a few resistance bands with handles, a resistance band door anchor, and enjoy effective home workouts.

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