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4 Best Leg Band Workout Moves For Slimmer Thighs and Rounder Butt

Training with Super Exercise Bands latex free resistance bands is an affordable alternative to weight training that provides much of the same results without the need for bulky gym equipment. The benefits of resistance band training include lower risk of injury (due to lower amount of force applied on the joints), improved strength, and nearly endless exercise options. You can use resistance bands to train your whole body, including your legs.  Leg bands loops designed specifically for training your glutes and thighs are great tools for building a rounder butt and slimmer thighs. Read below for 4 best leg band workout moves that will help you achieve awesome results:

1. Fire Hydrants

The fire hydrant is the ideal leg band workout move for building a rounder tush. To do it, place your leg band loop around your thighs just above your knees. Then, come down to the tabletop position resting on your hands and knees. Keeping your right knee bent, lift your right leg out to the side until your inner thigh is parallel to the floor. It’s called the fire hydrant because, well, you will look very much like a dog lifting his leg to pee on a fire hydrant. However, in doing so you will be working the side of your glutes and building up those booty muscles. Aim for at least 10 reps then repeat on the left leg. Do 3 sets total on both legs.

2. Glute Bridge Hip Lifts

In the glute bridge hip lift, you will be working both your butt and your hamstring muscles. This leg band workout move requires you to lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Your leg band should be placed around your thighs just above the knees. From here, press your feet into the floor as you lift your hips off the floor. Your knees may be tempted to point inward but be sure to press them out against the resistance of your leg band. Hold at the top of your hip lift for one count then return to the starting position. Repeat for 3 sets of 10 reps.

3. Leg Band Squats

Leg band squats are just like regular squats with the addition of added resistance from your leg band loop. Start by standing with feet shoulder width apart and your leg band placed around your thighs and above your knee. Lower down into your squat, pushing your butt back and down. Hold at the bottom for one count before returning to the starting position. Press your knees outward as you squat to get the most resistance from this leg band workout move. You will be working all your leg muscles in this exercise.

4. Lateral Band Walk

While the lateral band walk may seem simple, it is one of the tougher leg band workout moves to perform. To do it, start by placing your leg band around your ankles. Keeping a small bend in your knees, carefully step your right leg out the side then bring your left leg in to meet it. Do two steps to the right then reverse direction and do two steps to the left. Aim for at least 12 steps total. To make this leg band workout more challenging, bend your knees more to lower into a squatting position.

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