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Super Exercise Band

Resistance Band Material Bulk Rolls. 8, 16, 24 yards.

Resistance Band Material Bulk Rolls. 8, 16, 24 yards.

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  • These bulk rolls come in 25', 50', and 75' / 8, 16 and 24 yards long by 6" wide, providing the corresponding tension listed in the image above. You can custom cut your resistance bands to the length you desire. For the 50'/16 yard rolls you will receive 2 rolls of 25' / 8 yards  in length
  • These thermoplastic elastomer resistance band bulk rolls are non-latex, powder free and scent free without a sticky surface
  • Durable and versatile, these resistance band rolls are also ideal for physical therapy rehab sessions
  • Physical therapists use them for patients recovering from MCL and ACL tears or leg, knee and back injuries
  • Includes an illustrated e-book and an iPhone app; Helps you keep track of your progress and fill you in on the best moves for using tension bands to develop various muscle groups

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