Super Exercise Band 7 ft Resistance Bands 3 Set. Fitness Kit in Medium Strength Latex Free Bands for Strength Training or Physical Therapy.

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Now you can get a full body work out anytime--anywhere, at work, home or when traveling.


What's included with the Intermediate strength bands portable gym?


The gym comes with three 7 ft. by 6 in. professional grade latex free bands. Sky Blue Medium (6 - 10 lbs. resistance), Fuchsia Pink Heavy (10 - 14 lbs.) and Gray XX Heavy (15 - 20 lbs. resistance) strengths. Yes, size does matter for strength, durability, versatility and range of motion. Tie a knot in the band, it's a loop band. Need more tension? Just take a couple wraps around your hands or double it over.


SUPER EXERCISE BAND door anchor is made of strong 1 inch wide nylon webbing. The 1.75 inch diameter door anchor ring is made of soft outer TPR material molded to a solid teflon material core. The overall length of the door anchor from end to end is 15 inches with the resistance band loop hole opening being 5 inches wide.


A black neoprene 6 x 8 zipper pouch is included to keep your bands clean, supple and ready to go. Other bands ship in throw away bags.


Bonus: Once you've received your product, we will email you our Resistance Band Workout E-book. You will also have access to the SuperExerciseBand com website. The website has product info and workout videos to help you create your resistance band workout.


Are you looking for band handles? We have them. See our full line of 7 foot flat band products. Just select the SUPER EXERCISE BAND link under the product title at the top.



Our Guarantee: The gym comes with an unconditional manufacturer money back guarantee. So order now! While you're at it, get one for a friend and make exercise fun together. Just scroll up and select Add to Cart.