Super Exercise Band 10 Pack 14" x 3" XL Black X Heavy Strength Mini Loop Bands. Non-Latex Resistance for Fitness, Physical Therapy, Pilates & Training

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Tired of coming up short on your bands during your workout routine? We've got the answer. We made our super-size premium latex free mini-loop bands with you in mind. At 14” x 3” our mini-loops are a cut above the rest smaller 10” x 2” size loop bands on the market. Size does matter for strength, durability, versatility and range of motion.

So build your set of bands instead of buying a cheap one size fits all band set.


Choose Your Loop Band -- Loop Band Strength and Thickness Ratings:


YELLOW X LIGHT 14” Loop Band .35mm thick (5 – 9 lbs. resistance)

GREEN LIGHT 14” Loop Band - .45mm thick (9 – 15 lbs. resistance)

ORANGE LIGHT+ 14” Loop Band - .50mm thick (10 – 16 lbs. resistance)

BLUE MEDIUM 14” Loop Band - .55mm thick (11 - 18 lbs. resistance)

SKY BLUE MEDIUM+ 14” Loop Band - .60mm thick (12 – 19 lbs. resistance)

PINK HEAVY 14” Loop Band - .70mm thick (13 – 20 lbs. resistance)

PURPLE HEAVY+ 14” Loop Band - .80mm thick (14 – 22 lbs. resistance)

BLACK X HEAVY 14” Loop Band - 1.00mm thick (16 - 26 lbs. resistance)

GRAY XX HEAVY 14” Loop Band - 1.30mm thick (22 – 35 lbs. resistance)

RED XXX HEAVY 14” Loop Band - 1.60mm thick (26 - 46 lbs. resistance)

All bands are packaged in a stylish black zip pouch to store the band in when not in use. Suitable for gift giving. We don’t use throw away baggies like those cheap foreign products on the market. Product comes with an unconditional manufacturer guarantee. Expect great quality and customer service as all product assembly, inspection and customer care is done in the USA by our staff.

So build your loop band set the way you want it. Scroll up, hit ADD TO CART.